Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe Replica

What do Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe Replica have in common?

Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe Replica, if they use the anthropomorphic approach, they should be the man of the watch industry, mention them, no one knows no one in the circle. Since they are the same people, they will inevitably be compared. In the end, everyone has a scale in their hearts. What we are going to talk about today is what they have in common.

What do Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe Replica have in common
What do Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe Replica have in common

Value preservation

Say the commonality between Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe, I believe that many people like me, the first thing that comes to mind is that they all have good value preservation and are recognized as the two most valuable replica watches brands. Patek Philippe is a frequent visitor to the “Brand King” of the major auction houses, and Rolex is the only watch brand that can be used as a hard currency in casinos. Whether Rolex really can be used as a hard currency in the casino, I don’t know, but some of its watches really have high-value preservation.

The most typical ones are Green Water Ghost and Panda Di, which are overpriced in the second-hand market. Not to mention the Rolex antique watch. Paul Newman DeLuna, which sold 140 million this year, hasn’t forgotten it yet? As for Patek Philippe, there is no shortage of super-priced watches, and the popular antique watches have always been a trend of appreciation. Of course, the so-called hedge is relatively speaking, not all models, so be sure to know.


Why is it continuous? Because Rolex and Patek Philippe are rare watch brands that have never been interrupted, perhaps they are not the earliest and longest-established brands, but they are the most complete watch brands in history. This is very rare. It can last for hundreds of years without interruption.

This is a huge challenge for any industry and any enterprise. There is a word in China called “Hundred Years Old Shop”, and Patek Philippe and Rolex are called “100-year-old shop”. This continuity is not only the success of the brand but also gives customers more trust, because it shows that the brand is very mature and capable of coping with various crises and challenges.


We know that many watch brands are often family-run initially, but with the development of the brand, capital has begun to infiltrate due to various factors. Now, many big brands with hundreds of years of history have been integrated into the major luxury goods groups. For example, large luxury goods groups.

Of course, for this example, I am not saying that capital infiltration must be bad. After all, this is very necessary for the survival of the brand, but because its management rights are integrated in the capital market, and other companies, its technology Process, especially market positioning, will have a great impact, so the historical culture and craft heritage of the brand will naturally be affected to varying degrees.

Therefore, watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe that have never been acquired by any group are particularly rare, and such brands are often particularly rich in family business culture.

Industry leader

Rolex and Patek Philippe are kings, and Patek Philippe is well understood. It is a veritable king, but why is Rolex also the king? We all know that unlike Patek Philippe, which is sophisticated in its complex craftsmanship, Rolex does not do complex functions, but strives to achieve the ultimate in accuracy and “three-proof” (waterproof, anti-magnetic and shockproof).

The direction of continuous efforts is exactly the opposite of Patek Philippe, but in the basic functions of precision and waterproof anti-magnetic and shockproof, so that almost half of the total number of watches certified by the Swiss Observatory every year is almost Rolex products.

Now, a top-level observatory certification has been issued, requiring all models to have a daily error of plus or minus 2 seconds. In terms of waterproofing, Rolex not only invented the famous structure but also constantly innovated in the details of the movement, so that the most waterproof record is still maintained by Rolex. And Patek Philippe, a self-standard Patek Philippe imprint can reflect the confidence of King. If you want to say something, Patek Philippe seals the king in complex craftsmanship, and Rolex dominates the basic functions.

In fact, both the Rolex Replica and Patek Philippe Replica are very good to watch brands. Although there are many different places, there are many similar places. The above four points are the commonalities I have summarized. Do they have other commonalities?