The Hottest Cartier Tank W5330003 Replica Watch Evaluation

The replica Cartier Tank W5330003 mechanical male watch introduced today is the hottest watch in the Cartier series. The dial texture of this Cartier replica watch is very delicate. The movement is equipped with the original 1904MC type movement. Not only is it accurate, but also the calendar is perfect. Next, let me take you to take a closer look at the workmanship of this replica Cartier watch how it is.

The case of this Cartier Tank W5330003 replica watch is made of silver-white stainless steel. The case is rectangular. The case is polished and polished. The feel is very smooth. Due to the high brightness of the case, it can clearly reflect the surrounding scenery, and the stainless steel material has always been resistant to wear and scratches. This high-quality replica Cartier watch is very close to the authentic.

This replica Cartier Tank W5330003 watch uses a sapphire glass mirror. The connection between the mirror and the case is very tight. The mirror is lower than the case on both sides, not flat. The mirror surface is slightly convex, and the polished mirror surface has high permeability, which is very similar to the original one.

The workmanship of the dial is also very delicate, and the numbers on the dial are Roman numerals. Since the case is rectangular, the time scale in the dial is skewed. All the details refer to the genuine products completely, including the lines on the dial are also restored 1: 1 according to the authentic products. The enlarged dial pattern is quite clear, with the pointer axis as the center, the entire pattern diverges in a wavy shape, and the width of each stripe and the proportion of the groove in the middle are the same.

The English letters and Roman numerals on the dial are overlaid on the wavy pattern. The size of the 12 Roman numerals is no different from the authentic one, especially the three-dimensional sense of the numbers that can be felt from the front. The dial time scale of the square Cartier watch is inside the Roman numerals, and each numeral scale is marked with a black square.

The dial contains a calendar, and a small seconds dial. Among them, the outer circle of the calendar window is wrapped with black, and the inside is a white frosted texture. The number size of the calendar is very close to the original—roasted blue sword-shaped hands, bright and smooth color, extremely finely polished.

This replica Cartier watch is made of brushed steel on both sides, and the feel is very delicate. The shape of the crown is inlaid with an octagonal screw cap and a blue gemstone. The appearance of the crown is no different from that of the genuine one. The lugs are polished gently, without sharp chamfers, and the digital scale on the bottom cover shell can be seen from the side.

This replica Cartier watch is equipped with the original 1904MC movement, which not only has a low repair rate but also includes the time rotation in the dial, calendar jump, and second dial movement. The thickness of the shrapnel on the shock absorber and the fineness of workmanship is perfect. The buckle is a folding buckle, and it is also made of stainless steel. The buckle is very shiny and polished after polishing.

Cartier Tank replica watches in addition to men’s mechanical watches, and women’s watches, the surface of the men’s Cartier replica watches is simple, the color is more biased towards men’s style. This silver-white replica Cartier can perfectly reflect the elegant style when worn on the hand.