Rolex Explorer I 214270 Black Dial Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet Top Quality Replica Watch

If there is a myth in the watch industry, it must be Rolex. Rolex’s popularity is very high, and whether it is people who are familiar with watches or not, they are very familiar with this brand. Rolex has many popular series, Rolex Submariner has always been the number one sales. Today I am going to introduce the Rolex Explorer series, which is a professional watch in the three-hand sports watch, which has been loved by the public for many years.

If most people who buy the Rolex Submariner series are for the Rolex brand, and the low-profile professional watches such as the Rolex Explorer series are the only models that people who know how to appreciate will choose. Wearing such a Rolex, there is no doubt that this man has a professional aesthetic. Every detail of this top quality replica watch is very particular. Today I will analyze with you this Rolex Explorer I 214270-77200 replica watch.

This Rolex Explorer replica watch is completely built in accordance with the original, not only detailed workmanship but also adhering to Rolex’s precision detection mode. This high-quality replica watch needs precision testing, adjustment testing, and waterproof testing after the assembly of accessories. Following the typical Oyster case, the dial uses a new cool black and uses classic Mercedes-Benz hands with three-dimensional rectangular hour markers.

This replica Rolex Explorer watch has Arabic numerals at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The overall simplicity is easy to read, and the layout of the dial is very comfortable and beautiful. The screw-in double-buckle waterproof crown is engraved with the classic “Rolex” crown icon on the top of the side, which is comfortable to adjust and wind. The bottom is sealed design, with a triangular pit pattern bottom cover, Cal.3132 fully automatic mechanical movement inside, stable, and accurate travel time.

The three-row stainless steel Oyster Bracelet with solid steel strap is not only brushed and polished finely but also fits the wrist while wearing arc. This replica Rolex Explorer I 214270 watch is also equipped with an Oyster-style safety folding buckle to prevent this watch buckle from being accidentally opened and is equipped with Easylink easy adjustment device so that the strap can be easily extended by 5 mm.

The hour, minute hand, and hour markers are covered with Chromalight luminous materials, which can emit bright and conspicuous blue luminous in the dark environment and can maintain legibility on various occasions. The curve and thickness of the sidelines of this replica Rolex watch are consistent with the original. The gear pattern on the side of the winding crown is also very detailed.

Since the 1930s, Rolex has been providing rugged and reliable timepiece watches for explorers. Therefore, the Rolex brand not only possesses the adventurous spirit of advancing forward but also symbolizes pioneering and enterprising. As the basic watch in Rolex watches, this Rolex Explorer I 214270 has a single function, but it continues the excellent performance of Rolex and is a perfect replica of the watch!