Super Luxury – Replica Omega Seamaster 300 Meters Watches

Do you know replica Omega Seamaster watches?

I want to say a watch that is both familiar and unfamiliar today. Familiarity is because this replica watch is well known and popular. It is strange because it is relatively rare to buy this model. This watch is the new replica Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch.

Omega new Seamaster replica watches 300 meters diving watch

Last year, Omega launched a new generation of Seamaster 300 meters diving watch. The new Omega Seamaster 300m diving replica watch has become the most popular watch of Omega because it has reached the perfect balance between face value, configuration, and price. Especially in China, the popularity and influence of the Seamaster is huge. When it was first listed, it was instantly bought. As you all know, Omega’s new replica Seamaster 300 meters is the most steel-shell model. This is also because the steel shell Seamaster 300 meters of the public price is very reasonable, steel chain 36500 / tape 35600, cost-effective.

In fact, in addition to the steel shell model, Omega in the new Seamaster 300 meters, including the more luxurious and higher-priced inter-gold models. I bought a steel shell at first, and recently replaced the steel shell with a gold. Thanks to the gold on the watch, the sense of luxury is greatly improved after getting started. The most common gold meter in the country is the gold constellation. No matter how many men and women wear it, the gold Omega sports watch is rare.

Omega’s new 300m diving watch, everyone is familiar, but this is only the gold, I am important to say, is the gold on the watch.
There are usually only four types of gold used on watches, gold, rose gold (also called red gold), platinum and platinum. Although we often hear names such as honey gold, magic gold, beige gold, and everose, in fact, these are the new names of various watch brands, after the performance improvement of these four kinds of gold. Essentially still, gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum.

Omega Sedna Gold is improved rose gold.

Sedna Gold, a modified, upgraded rose gold from Omega, is also Omega’s exclusive rose gold. Conventional rose gold is made of gold, adding copper and silver (mostly copper) to make a reddish color of gold. Rose gold is very fashionable because it is not as yellow as gold, so it is very hot. But after the rose gold is long, the color will be darker and not as bright as the new one. Therefore, Omega Sedna Gold is added to the conventional ratio of gold and copper, and palladium is added to improve the durability of the rose gold luster.

In color, Omega Sedna gold is redder than the usual rose gold. I have a spring ring of Bulgari Rose Gold. When you put it together, you will find that Omega’s rose gold Sedna is blond and red, and Bulgari’s rose is blonde. At the same time, I put together a TIFFANY gold ring, and I will clearly see the obvious difference between gold and the two kinds of rose gold.

The replica Omega new Seamaster 300 m bezel, crown and drain valve are made of Sedna gold. The huge Sedna gold bezel has greatly enhanced the luxury of the watch. The surface of the Sedna gold bezel is ceramic, and the digital scale on the ceramic ring is made using Omega Ceragold technology, which combines gold and ceramic. On the side of the bezel of the polygon, you can see that the entire piece of Sedna gold has been brushed.

Replica Omega Seamaster
Replica Omega Seamaster

In addition to Sedna Gold, the other parts of the new Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch are identical to the steel shell model. The case is a steel case measuring 42 mm. The watch uses a ceramic dial with a laser engraved wavy pattern on the dial, and the ceramic dial is very bright. In order to match the Sedna gold bezel, the hands and time markers on the disc are also Sedna Gold. The 6 o’clock on the dial is the calendar window.

The new Replica Omega Seamaster 300 meters use the Omega 8800 movement, and the Omega main 8900/8800 movements are already very familiar. The 8900/8800 are certified by Omega to the Observatory and have a 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic capability with 0/+5 seconds per day error.

Among them, the 8800 calibre has a power reserve of 55 hours and has a calendar quick adjustment function (the 8900 has no calendar quick adjustment, but sometimes the area quick adjustment function). The self-produced movement has been surging for so many years, truly highlighting the brand’s own technical characteristics, while ensuring accuracy and stability, the Omega 8 series movement is definitely representative of it. Some brands of self-produced movements are not reliable enough, but with my personal experience of buying watches, Omega’s 8 series movement, 9 series chronograph movement, is convincing.

New 8800 calibre used in the replica Omega Seamaster 300 meters watches.

Finally, I still want to talk about the price/performance issue. To be honest, watches, luxury goods, no cost-effective, only you like it or not, willing to spend this money. But there must be choices and trade-offs to buy things, and you can only use the word “cost-effective”.

Omega goldSeamaster 300 meters tape version, the public price of 48,500. At the luxury table level of Omega, replica Rolex, IWC replica , Jaeger-LeCoultre copy, Fake Cartier, replica Panerai, Zenith replica, and Breitling copy. More than $10,000 of public price, generally can buy air tyrants, Jaeger-LeCoultre big three-needle calendar, Cartier blue balloon, IWC and so on.

Omega copy is 300 meters of the Omega Seamaster replica that can buy Sedna gold. Compared with other steel watches, there is a big gold ring, and the price is still very high. From this point of view, the Replica Omega Seamaster 300 meters is not expensive. Interested players can pay attention to.