Panerai PAM438 Full Ceramic High-Quality Replica Watch

Today I bring you the Panerai PAM438 all-ceramic watch. This is the latest all-ceramic watch from Panerai. The color is classic black, which continues the design style of the Panerai family. This replica Panerai PAM438 watch faithfully embodies Panerai’s personality and is made with the most advanced technology in the field of watchmaking materials. Its solid quality and the craftsmanship of the movement are perfect, and it can be said to be the highest quality replica watch on the market!

This Panerai PAM438 all-ceramic replica watch has a diameter of 44mm and a screw-in rim structure similar to 441, which can be removed separately. This Panerai replica is the highest version in the market, consistent with the authentic. Matte buckle with PVD coating. The head of this replica Panerai PAM438 watch is similar to the new ceramic PAM441, mainly due to the difference between the movement and the strap.

Similarly, this replica Panerai PAM438 watch is also built with a genuine 1: 1 ratio. The size and thickness are the same as the original. The weight of the entire Panerai replica watch is a little over two hundred grams, which is the same as the weight of the genuine one. This weight is much lighter than steel band watches, which is mainly due to the ceramic strap. The touch texture of ceramic strap is delicate, it can prevent light scratches, and will not fade, even if it is ground into powder, it is black.

The mirror surface of this Panerai PAM438 replica watch can be unscrewed like the original. After unscrewing, it is found that the top cover will have a set of sealing rings to prevent water ingress. Usually, it is more convenient to clean the inside of the watch. The inner ring of this thread is not ceramic, but black steel. This is for solid shape, but the outer ring is ceramic, which can be said to be composite. Although this Panerai PAM438 is a replica watch, all the details are well done.

The text is black matte design, and there will be no reflective position, it is very convenient to read. The orange part of the pointer is all luminous, and the luminousness of this Panerai PAM438 replica watch is as good as ever. Both the mirror and the back are sapphire mirrors, and the transparency is excellent from any angle. Like PAM441, it has been upgraded to a three-section screw-in structure of the front cover, watches body, and rear cover.

The biggest feature of Panerai compared to other watches is the iconic bridge at the crown. The material is pure ceramic. In the previous replica Panerai watches, the retaining screws are often not delicate enough, but this replica Panerai PAM438 really achieves the ultimate. The size and texture are entirely consistent with the counter. There is a tight waterproof ring on both screws. The spirit of pursuing excellence can be seen through the bridge!

The stability of the movement of this Panerai PAM438 replica watch is very high. The movement is equipped with a replica P9001 movement, model p9001 / B, and there is an English word “all black” on the back cover of the watch. The movement of this Panerai PAM438 replica watch corrects the direction of the balance wheel, making the travel more stable and fully within the international standard error. The silver part of the movement deck can be easily seen polished with fish scales, and the details are aligned.

This Panerai PAM438 replica watch is also a trendy watch. This high-quality replica watch can be used for diving or daily wear. It is also a pioneer of the popular carbon black, 100% original synchronization.