Love for luxury Rolex replica watches

Love for luxury Rolex replica watches, “God of Basketball” Jordan is no exception

The luxury Rolex replica watches brand is well-known, although its quality is not the first, the output is not the most, but only the Rolex replica watches can be considered at the same time. Many people think that it has little change, but they haven’t thought about the same. Rolex replica is a classic, and even if it is a new product, there is no negative news. Even the movement that has been used for nearly 30 years does not seem to differ from the factory. Big, accurate and reliable may be the secret of its dominance of the table.

Therefore, basketball superstar Jordan also likes luxury Rolex replica watches very much. Wear Rolex replica watches when you are not playing, or when you are resting.

Love for luxury Rolex replica watches
Love for luxury Rolex replica watches

Looking back at Jordan’s basketball career, he has achieved too many successes, six NBA championships, six Finals MVPs, five regular-season MVPs, and almost all idols of basketball fans, including active NBA players.

Other sports stars also have a lot of people worship Jordan, like British star David Beckham, Brazilian star Ronaldinho, Italian star Totti and Pierrot, etc., the influence is oversized, but also his influence makes the NBA global.

It is very much concerned that the basketball game that is most concerned by the American people is the NCAA, not the NBA. The sport that is most concerned by the American people is football (NFL). It shows how much Jordan contributed to basketball and to the NBA. Someone once said that the world There are only two MJs, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan!

In the NBA playoffs of the season, the Bobcats (now renamed the Hornets) played against the Heat, Michael Jordan, the boss of the Bobcats (now renamed the Hornets), watched the game. The watch he wore was the Rolex Universe. The calculation of the Daytona series 116506. The god of basketball is not the spokesperson or brand ambassador of Rolex. He wears this watch because of his approval and love for Rolex. Perhaps combined with Jordan’s own experience, he can also call it North Carolina.

We often see the watch worn by Jordan, showing his rich body. The watch is priced at about 100,000 US dollars. The whole watch is made of platinum. Platinum is also the most expensive metal in the world. Because this material has a deep relationship with the royal family, Jordan is also in line with the identity of his own basketball emperor.

It is a pity that the series of the Bobcats (now renamed the Hornets) did not win, but they were also defeated. They were in a hot state and they had a stronger heat. They could only eat the bitter fruit of 0:4. In this regard, the almost perfect basketball god of career is also powerless. As the owner of the team, he can only recruit and recruit in the offseason, expecting to make a comeback next season.

Jordan has now joined the NBA Hall of Fame. This is not a decision that makes him happy, because when he stands there, he can never return to the game again, even though he has been three-in-three. But he did not leave basketball, just as he would always like luxury Rolex replica watches.