IWC Portugieser 7-Days IW500101 Power Reserve Automatic Gold Replica Watch

IWC Portugieser 7-Days watch is the best-selling model of the IWC brand, and it is out of stock in the market all year round. It is a watch that needs to be booked, which shows the popularity of this model watch. Since the launch of the top replica version of this series of watches, the sales of IWC Portugieser 7-Days replica watches have been the top three in the replica watch industry. This IWC Portugieser 7-Days IW500101 gold replica watch, the shiny gold-plated case, is quite luxurious. Today I will taste this high-quality replica IWC Portugieser 7-Days IW500101 watch with you.

This IWC Portugieser replica watch is also manufactured in the same proportion as the original authentic, and the similarity is very high. The equipped movement clones the original Cal.51011 automatic mechanical movement, 7-day chain kinetic energy storage, 42.3mm diameter, thickness 13.9mm, Italian top layer leather strap, unique clasp!

The dial of this replica IWC Portugieser 7-Days IW500101 watch is paired with gold nails and a gold-plated case, which is very fashionable and luxurious. All the numbers in the dial, including the hands, are also gold-plated. The small English font on the dial and the logo font size of IWC are the same as the authentic ones. The watch mirror uses a sapphire mirror. Compared with the ordinary mirror, this mirror has excellent permeability, and it will be more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant than the ordinary mirror.

This IWC replica watch has a 7-day kinetic energy display at the three o’clock position. This movement’s genuine reserve kinetic energy can reach four days. There is a calendar display window at six o’clock, and the size of the calendar display window is the same as the genuine one. At 9 o’clock, there is a small second dial, which is aligned with the edge of the small second dial. The workmanship of the crown is very delicate, the triangle pits on the edge of the crown are exceptionally delicate, and the lettering on the crown and the “IWC” logo of the IWC are perfect and impeccable.

The case of this IWC replica watch is made of 316 stainless steel gold plating. The gold plating process is very mature, and there is no possibility of fading in daily use. In the middle of the side, the brushing process is used, and the top and bottom are the polishing process. The three-layer integrated watch case is wonderful. The transparent design at the bottom is equipped with the cloned original Cal.51011 automatic mechanical movement, which has a very strong kinetic energy reserve and is similar in appearance to the original.

This IWC Portugieser 7-Days IW500101 replica watch is a typical modern dress watch. The new version of the color scheme abandons the previous simple white and blue color scheme, adding a more fashionable and luxurious gold system, which makes people feel the brand brings a sense of luxury! This top-quality replica watch has the same function as the original, which overcomes the problem of kinetic energy reserve.