Demystifying The Eight Factors That Make Rolex Replica Watches Quality

Demystifying The Eight Factors That Make Rolex Replica Watches Quality

If someone asks, what replica watches are famous around the world? It is estimated that many people will say: Rolex. Obviously, Rolex Replica Watches is what we all like. Compared with other brands, Rolex Replica Watches has a high reputation. Rolex Replica Watches has many supporters. Then why do everyone like Rolex Replica Watches?

I think there are many reasons why everyone likes Rolex Replica Watches. However, solid and reliable quality is definitely one of the important factors. So why is the quality of Rolex replica too good?

Rolex Replica Watches
Rolex Replica Watches

Today, we will reveal the eight factors that make Rolex quality:

First of all, Rolex uses 904L steel:

In daily life, many people wear the most steel watches. The stainless steel used in most steel watches is 316L steel, but the Rolex uses 904L steel.

Compared with 316L steel, 904L steel not only has better performance but also has a better appearance. Because 904L steel is more difficult to process and cost more.

Second, Rolex owns an alchemy factory.

Rolex’s gold watch material is also unique because Rolex also owns its own gold, all its gold and platinum are produced by themselves. The benefits of our own alchemy are self-evident, just because Rolex can control the production and processing of precious metals, so we can strictly control the quality. As far as I know, Rolex seems to be the only watchmaking company with an alchemy factory.

Third, almost all of Rolex are self-produced.

Because most brands can’t do all the things themselves, even Rolex is only almost, but only Rolex dare to claim almost. The main components that Rolex needs to purchase externally are only the artificial sapphire crystal and the hands of the watch. Rolex’s own alchemy, its own case, strap, dial, bezel, movement, manufacturing has incredible efficiency and quality.

Of course, Rolex does this because it is not because of the financial situation. On the one hand, it is more conducive to quality control, on the other hand, Rolex has formed a strong trade secret in the production process and technology, no one can copy. What’s more, all the self-control makes Rolex truly independent.

Fourth, Rolex watchmaking takes an average of one year.

Rolex hardly produces complex-function watches, so it takes a year to watch the watch. Of course, this time is not absolute. The so-called year is probably the average time. And each dial will undergo a drop test to ensure that each time stamp is secure and will not detach. This rigorous and time-consuming process is just one of many Rolex watchmaking processes.

Fifth, Rolex assembled handmade

Rolex’s movements are all assembled and tested by hand. The assembly from Rolex’s movement to the strap is also done by hand. Rolex’s hands and time markers are also manually installed by skilled workers.

Sixth, Rolex has a strict quality inspection

The key themes in Rolex manufacturing are inspections, repeated inspections, and then re-inspections. For Rolex, its goal is not to let any unqualified Rolex leave the factory.

A large number of watchmakers and assemblers test each movement produced by Rolex. In addition, Rolex also pays great attention to daily testing.

Seventh, Rolex diving watches must be tested in water

The Rolex Oyster is also the world’s first waterproof watch, and the impact of waterproof performance on the watch is self-evident.

Eighth, Rolex style changes little

Rolex’s style has changed little, and its watches are constantly evolving on a certain basis rather than a brand new change. This allows the manufacturing process to progress in a better direction. In the process, they continue to learn how to continuously improve product quality through better production processes and technologies.

To sum up:

Therefore, it is precise because of these eight factors. The quality process of Rolex Replica Watches.