Best Value Replica Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 Watch Review

Rolex has always been a symbol of Swiss luxury watches in the minds of many people. For a long time, as long as Swiss watches were mentioned, the first thing everyone thought of was Rolex. Rolex’s high degree of recognition is a symbol of honorable identity. Rolex is of exceptional quality, impeccable from the movement to the case, which is one of the essential reasons why Rolex is so famous.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 watch, 18 KEverose rose gold case, black CERACHROM ceramic bezel, and a new Oysterflex rubber strap, this is an exceptional and interesting watch. This black and gold mixed Rolex Yacht-Master series watch has a stylish and dynamic appearance and a novel strap. Once launched, it has attracted countless fans.

This Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 watch is also trendy in the watch replica market. The replica Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 watch in black and gold colors introduced today is very cool, and it is also the top replica watch on the market. This Rolex replica watch is equipped with 2836 and replica3135 movements, and it can be said to be an excellent replica. Now let’s appreciate its high-quality production details together!

This Rolex replica watch uses sapphire glass, the hardness of the mirror is second only to the hardness of synthetic diamond glass. The sapphire glass mirror has the characteristics of good hardness, not easy to wear and scratch, and has higher wear resistance than the crystal glass mirror. The dial as a whole is very textured. The triangular hour markers at 12 o’clock, and the shape and the workmanship of the metal lines are in place.

The black matt dial matches the luminous hands and logo wrapped in rose gold. The classic Mercedes-Benz hour hand and sword-shaped minute hand make people never tire of it. The font of the watch model on the dial is also in place, and the details of the letter color, font, size, position, and so on are perfect. The classic Rolex Logo is perfect, the letters are very compact, and the dial is matte in texture to highlight the texture. The crown Logo on the plate and the English letters below are obvious.

This Rolex replica watch uses a ceramic rotatable bezel. Its advantage is smooth, wear-resistant, and does not hurt the skin, and the main component is zirconia. The ceramic watch ring is exquisitely made and more gorgeous and noble. The ceramic material is very light, about 60% lighter than stainless steel, but its hardness is ten times that of stainless steel.

As a diving watch, the most important thing is the waterproof function. The double waterproof aprons on the crown and the tape are simply diving tools. This replica Rolex watch is consistent with the genuine one. It adopts a screw-in crown. The crown is screwed. After rotating the crown counterclockwise, the crown is unlocked and can be used normally. The screw-type crown can effectively improve the waterproof function of the watch, and the crown should be locked after the operation.

If you think the rose gold model is too flamboyant, and the black model is too monotonous, then this gold and black combination is more suitable, low-key luxury has a connotation. Overall, this Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 replica watch has done an excellent job in detail and is a high-quality replica of the watch.