Top Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 1948 Watch

The Omega Seamaster series was released in 1948, which coincided with the 1948 London Olympics. In 2012, London was fortunate to host the second Olympics. Therefore, Omega specially released “1948”, Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 1948 limited edition, which is now called Seamaster 1948!

I believe that many people know Omega’s classic series, but for this Seamaster 1948 watch, whether it is a replica of the watch or a genuine product, not many people know. So what kind of charm does this authentic Planet Ocean Liquidmetal special edition watch that only sells 1948 pieces have, and what is the quality of its corresponding replica watch? This article will make a specific explanation.

The watch literally on this Omega replica watch uses zirconium dioxide. This material is very rare in the previous Omega, but this material is very common in Rolex Submariner. This kind of material is strong and not easy to corrode, but be careful not to scratch the literal. SuperLume luminous material is still used in the hands of the watch and the luminous light. The luminous hour hand is the same as the genuine one, and it is uniform blue.

The overall process of this Omega replica watch is excellent, the overall luminous filling is neat and even, without any overflow. The OMEGA logo is clear and easy to read, and the font is full. From this detail, the craft is very first-class. The center of the watch’s hands is distinct, and the corners of the watch are distinctly restored. The edges are treated very well, the luminous coating is uniform, and the red part on the top of the second hand is in place.

This replica Omega watch’s calendar window size ratio is in place, and the font is sleek, the white text on the black background, clear and easy to read, very compatible with the overall design of the watch. The font engraving is very smooth, the silver dial scale is round, and the temperament is perfect. From the side of this replica Omega watch, it can be seen that the LOGO has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the glossy literal match is perfect.

The sapphire glass has an arched surface and an anti-glare coating on the inside, which is thicker than other Oyster watches, more resistant to compression, and more transparent. With different reflections of the light source color, the color of the mirror surface will also change slightly. The overall polishing and brushing treatment of the watch is in place, and the case body is brushed to enhance wear resistance.

The lugs are very smooth, and the screw-in waterproof crown is engraved with the “Ω” brand logo on the top of the crown. It is finely polished, and the thread thickness and welding position at the lugs are exact. This replica Omega watch uses the Seagull 2824 movement, and its stability is very strong. The bracelet is frosted and polished and has Omega’s patented chain needle system, which is completely comparable to the genuine one.

This replica Omega Planet Ocean1948 watch has powerful performance and exquisite workmanship. If you are interested in this Omega Planet Ocean 1948 replica watch, then this article will definitely help you.