The Best Replica IWC Portofino Family Formal Watch

IWC Portofino Family, known for its low-key restraint, has always been the best choice for formal watches. It has a straightforward and simple appearance and a practical large three-pin plus calendar small window function. The 40mm watch body is suitable for most people, and the thickness is only 9.5mm, which is very close to the wrist. The whole watch feels clean and simple. This latest upgraded version of the replica IWC Portofino Family watch corrects the defects of the old version in the past. It presents to fans a more perfect IWC Portofino Family replica watch!

The new upgraded version of IWC Portofino Family replica watch details changes:

  • 1. Revise the literal scale, and the texture is not inferior to genuine
  • 2. Correct the calendar font and use a 3D ink printing process
  • 3. Modify the mirror surface to keep the authenticity of the double layer anti-glare blue film to restore the authentic effect
  • 4. Modify the watch case shape to make it more rounded, and at the same time the height of the bezel is more three-dimensional
  • 5. Correct the size ratio of the crown
  • 6. Improve the buckle to achieve excellence

The anti-glare blue film is the focus of this IWC replica watch, no matter from which angle it is viewed, the transparency of the mirror is very high. This replica IWC Portofino Family watch uses the Seagull 2892 movement because this movement can adapt to the ultra-thin thickness. The workmanship of the shell is excellent. The thickness is 9.5mm as the original version, the edge is highly polished, and the feel is very smooth.

The polished inner case of this IWC replica watch is also very delicate, so the smooth inner wall can be said to be a great boon for those who often disassemble the watch. The wearing will not cause the literal primer to fall off. The English “etching” of the bottom cover is deepened and is closer to the original.

The steel band is part of IWC’s patented design. This design will produce different refractive surfaces under the light, making the bracelet look more shining. The advantage of the steel strap bracelet is that it can be fastened at any length, and there is no concept of disassembling the strap. The clasp is a foldable design, and the polishing process is very particular.

The minute and second hands of this IWC replica watch are curved down along the curvature of the mirror surface. The purpose is not to easily touch the mirror surface. This kind of curved needle design will be used by many big brands, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Athens, GP1966 series, and so on. The calendar window uses a “downgrade” design, and the direction of the calendar jump is the same as the original version.

The scale of the pointer is the same as the original. The edges of the scale are rounded, and there is no right angle. This design is also consistent with the pointer, dial, and even the entire watch style elements. Because the scales are all round and radian, the scales are reflective no matter what angle they are from, which is convenient for our time reading.

The movement of this IWC replica watch is model 2892. The internal structure is exactly the same as the genuine one: ultra-thin seagull 2892 machine, diameter 40mm, sapphire blue-coated crystal glass. In addition to the steel belt, you can also choose the best match!