Mens Breitling Colt Automatic A1731311 Quality Replica Watch

Breitling Colt Automatic watch-a watch specially designed and manufactured for the military. The satin-brushed bezel is decorated with four Breitling watch iconic bezel indicators, which can not only ensure the best rotation control but also effectively protect the watch mirror. And this high-quality replica Breitling Colt Automatic A1731311 excellent polishing skills perfectly show the charm of the prototype watch!

【Size】 44.00 mm diameter, 11.25 mm thickness
【Case】 316L stainless steel imported from Switzerland, using the same material as the original
【Watch】 Super transparent double-sided anti-glare sapphire watch
【Dial】 The scale of the dial is formed by hydraulic technology, and then the Swiss super luminous powder is manually filled by the watchmaker to perfectly restore the authentic!
【Movement】Seagull 2824 movement, top-grade polished, very similar to the original! The quality is more stable!
【Waterproof】 5ATM in-depth waterproof test


The material of this Breitling Colt Automatic A1731311 replica watch case is made of genuine Swiss 316L steel, with no difference in texture from the original! The gloss is also very close! The blue-toned dial is very close to the genuine one, and the literal pointer calendar is almost the same! The size and depth of the outer scale are copied 1: 1 according to the original height! The depth of the corrosion lettering is very close, and the sandblasting treatment in the fine places is very particular! The depth of the CD pattern inside the dial is very delicate! Same as the original!

This Breitling replica watch uses a sapphire glass cover instead of ordinary glass, full and crystal! Sandblasting was also done on the inverted triangle part of the night pearl, which is the same as the original! The size and thickness of the case are the same as those of the original. Eight screws around the outer ring fix the removable ring, and the screws are as tight as the original. The crown has the Breitling logo, and the non-slip tooth mouth is also very handy!

This replica Breitling A1731311 watch uses the classic Seagull 2824 movement. This movement is cost-effective and has excellent stability. This movement is often used in high-quality replica watches. The internal structure is the same as the original double-layer waterproof ring, which is extremely waterproof! The buckle adopts the original pin buckle, which is very convenient. Touch welding technology eliminates the possibility of falling off to a certain extent!

This replica Breitling Colt Automatic A1731311 watch perfectly restores the authentic quality. With its powerful timekeeping style, the large scale hour markers and large hands covered with white luminous coating also make the dial clear and easy to read even in the dark. The ultra-sturdy stainless steel case and screw-in crown make it domineering and masculine! Worthy of every watch fan who loves Breitling!